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Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. is a high-tech pacesetter in Zhejiang shipbuilding industry, with subordinates including Zhejiang Ouhua Ship Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Ouhua Module Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Neptun China Ship Design Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Ouhua Modern Shipbuilding Technology Research Institute.
Although Ouhua is a relatively young company incorporated in 2004, it is a professional shipbuilder that plans & designs in modern shipbuilding mode. Now, it covers an area of 1,400,000m2, and has over2000m coast line, two 100,000t drydocks & one 30,000t drydock, ?annual capacity up to 1,500,000 tons dead weight .
Guided by the core concept of refined management, Ouhua dedicates itself to promoting green, precise and complete shipbuilding with low consumption according to the modern shipbuilding??...【more
On 10th May, HN 676 of 80500 DWT Cabu Carrier was successfully delivered to Owner Torvald Klaveness .
The vessel bearing hull no. 707 returned from her sea trial on 17 June 2017 .
Christening ceremony for HN 676 of the 80500DWT CABU Carrier Series was held at No.3 Outfittng .
The vessel bearing hull no.715 started erectin in No.2 dry dock on 14 June, 2017.
The vessel bearing hull no. 708 was launched on 07 June 2017


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